Griffix was founded in 2001, by late Shri Ganesh Mishra as a non-Registered Patient care and awareness program in India. Finally as a company Griffix Pharmaceuticals was incorporated in November 2019 and working with objective to provide quality innovative therapeutic solution with wide range of product.

Upholding the corporate philosophy “Dedicated to All Patient” Fight against Disease and Pain,” we make united efforts to create innovative drugs that are globally competitive. Optimizing our strengths with an eye to the future, we are in active pursuit of becoming “Specialty Pharma,” an R&D-oriented global pharmaceutical company specialized in particular areas.

We are constantly expanding our development pipeline, directing our efforts toward licensing activities such as the in-licensing of new drug candidates.

Inspired By

Griffix Pharmaceuticals is inspired by late Shri Ganesh Mishra, who has always helped to poor and helpless people. He always lived his life for others and he never compromise with quality of life. He was always committed to enhancing corporate social value through the continued development and commercialization of drugs that deliver true benefit to patients.

Core Values

  • Quality Focus
  • Socially Responsible
  • Adherance to Lies
  • Innovatiov Formulation

Special Thanks

To Mr. Manoj Mishra and Mrs. Saroj Devi to provide better education inspiration, motivation and lot of things to his son Shashank Mishra ad Mr. Prashant Mishra for being a director of Griffix Pharmaceuticals.

With The Blessing of